What Type of Dog Food is Best for Your Dog?

What Type of Dog Food is Best for Your Dog?


 Our dogs are just four-legged, really furry family members (and sometimes we love them even more than family members,) so it is only fitting that they get the very best food. Food that they will enjoy and that will give them all the nutrients they needed to live a long, tail-wagging life.

In the twenty-first century, chances are you want to buy dog food online. It is easier, and then you do not have to drag heavy bags of food through the store, into your car, out of your car, and into your house. But when you shop online, you are bombarded with even more options that you are in the already overwhelming store. With the different flavors, brands, and types, how do you know you are getting the very best for your dog?

Well, there is a very good first step: make sure you are buying from a quality company. One of the best, reputable online retailers for dogs is https://www.yowpets.com/.  When you visit and order oline from our pet store, you can feel confident that you are getting your pet quality things, whether that be treats, food, toys, health products, or accessories.

But even when shopping from a quality online company, you quite possibly still are unsure what to get your dog. If all the products are quality products, how do you choose the best for your dog? The next step is determining a type. There are five main types of dog food you can get your dog: dry food, wet food, freeze-dried food, dehydrated food, and prescription food.

Dry Food

Dry food is one of the most common types of dog food and probably what most people think of when they picture dog food. Typically it is a bunch of little (dry) brown pellets of balls that come in a bag. There are many benefits for both you and your dog with dry food. First and foremost, it is convenient. Dry dog food is one of the quickest ways to feed your dog. Scoop it out, put it in a bowl, and done! But if connivance is not enough reason for you, there are more. With a good brand, dry dog food is packed with all the nutrition your dog needs and provides a balanced diet. While some other kinds may be primarily meat and meat alone, dry dog food is often packed with vegetables and vitamins that will provide your dog with a balanced diet. Additionally, dry food is usually better for your dog's teeth than many other types (such as wet.)

However, dry food may not be the best thing for your dog. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or teeth, it is best to go with another kind. Dry food can contain fillers and other foods that may be abrasive for your dog's stomach, especially if they are particularly sensitive. Dry food is also really hard, so if your dog is missing teeth or has weak/sensitive teeth, you should probably go with another type, or at least be sure to get a kind that uses small pellets.



Wet Food

Wet food probably pulls second place as far as popularity. It usually comes in a can and is primarily meat based. It is much softer than dry food, which makes it the perfect food for a dog with missing teeth or who is recovering from any type of illness. Additionally, if your dog is a particularly picky eater, wet food can be a great choice. The flavor seems to be more palatable to dogs, so they will eat it up no matter how picky they are (another reason why it is good for sick dogs.)

One of the biggest downfalls of wet food is that it can cost more. The food itself costs more, and you will most likely have to take your dog in for more frequent dental cleanings if wet food is all you feed them. This means the cost can rack up pretty quickly. It can also be messy, not just to eat but also due to the fact that it can sometimes cause your dog's stool to loosen. If this starts to happen, you may want to start incorporating some other type of food into their diet.

Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried dog food is similar to freeze-dried human food. It is food that has all the moisture removed from it, so it will last much longer than any other kind of dog food. When you are ready to feed your dog, all you will do is add some water and serve it to the dog. Freeze-dried dog food, though still a relatively new phenomenon, is become relatively popular amongst dog owners due to convenience on the go (such as camping and hiking) and nutritional value. The food is relatively lightweight, so you can easily take it and your pup on all of your outdoor adventures. Additionally, the food retains all the nutrients through the process, it can even have more nutrients than many kinds of dry or wet dog food as it retains nutrients that are often cooked off in other food types.

The main problem with this food for day-to-day use is the time it takes to serve the food. This kind of food takes some time to prepare as you have to add water, wait a little bit, and then serve it to your pup. If you are constantly in a hurry, you may find this kind of food to be hard. The second downfall to this food is the cost. Most reputable freeze-dried dog food brands are on the higher end of dog food costs.

Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated food is very similar to freeze-dried food, so most of the pros and cons stay mostly the same, but dehydrated food is often more of a reasonable price. Dehydrated food has the water removed by heat rather than cold, which results in some differences from freeze-dried food. For one, dehydrated food can have slightly fewer nutrients than freeze-dried food, and it can take longer (anywhere from ten to a couple of hours) to rehydrate in water. Nevertheless, many people believe that dehydrated food is a step up from typical kinds of dog food and is a great way to get many of the benefits of freeze-dried food for slightly less money.


Prescription Food

Prescription food can come in any of the above types, but you would buy it if recommended by the vet. This kind of food you should certainly get if your (trusted) vet recommends it to you, and probably not without checking with them first. There are many reasons a vet may recommend a specific food, from problems house training to sickness. Most of the time, prescription food will cost more than regular food, but it can be worth it if it gives your pooch what it really needs.

No matter what kind you want, you can head over to https://www.yowpets.com/ to buy dog food online today. It is certainly the best online pet store for you to start looking for the perfect food for your dog today!

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