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Brand - Hotspot Wireless

HotSpot Wireless Dog Training Shock Collar HTST-P880

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Wouldn't it be a pleasure to see your dog heed your commands with crystal clarity even at a distance?
When you can't control your pooch most people believe you probably can't control much else in your life either. But what if you could change all that and show everybody that your dog knows who's boss? Now you can - at a tiny fraction of the cost of obedience school.
The Hot Spot Training Collar for Dogs gives you the peace of mind in knowing that when you say sit or deliver any other command your dog responds immediately and does exactly as you say every time.

Works for dogs from 10 up to 85lbs
Safe and more important humane training you can trust
Conveniently designed operate device with only one hand
our Different Training Modes Include LED Light, Sound, Vibration and Shock Static
Controls "bad behavior" and embarrassing disobedience
Reachargeble Remote & Reciver - Never fumble for batteries again
Effective Range of upto 300 Yards

Package Contents:
LCD Remote x 1
Reciver x 1
Nylon Collar x 1
Prongs x 1
Charger and Adapter x 1
Shock Test Light x 1
Manual x 1
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<b>HotSpot Wireless Dog Training Shock Collar HTST-P880

$34.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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Customer review

Receiver quit working. Is there a replacement?

Yow Pets
Customer review

please email us at [****] and we will help you set it up

Glen Hack
Customer review

Can't get set up

Customer review

HI Patti,
Yes This Training collar can be used to teach good behavior as well. After set up whenever he starts digging and you want him to stop - you will say a command like "Stop It" and press the Vibrate or Tone Button to teach him not to dog. The Key is to eventually for him to listen to just your command.

Patti Newton
Customer review

I have a six month old mini Goldendoodle. He is bad about digging in my yard. Could I use this to help teach him not to dig?