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Brand - Stella & Chewy's

Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixer SuperBlends Grain Free Chicken Recipe Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Topper

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Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Mixers Kibble are all-natural raw meals that come in a shelf-stable, freeze-dried format that allows for all the nutrients of a biologically appropriate raw diet, without the hassle of thawing. Your dog will enjoy the wholesome flavor and health of naturally raised meat, poultry, or fish from USDA inspected facilities, as well as the organic fruits and vegetables, including carrots, cranberries, broccoli, and beets.

Every pet parent wants wholesome, natural nutrition for their pet. Stella & Chewy's raw diets focus on pure ingredients and raw protein so you can feed them as nature intended.

At Stella & Chewy's we believe that pure raw nutrition fed in its natural state is the best way to help your pet thrive. Our limited ingredient recipes are simple and pure. Each batch starts with 90% or more meat, organs and bone and is often a single source of animal protein - the perfect solution for pets with food sensitivities.

Each protein is grass-fed, cage-free or wild caught to guarantee your pet is eating as nature intended. And all of the produce in our recipes are 100% organic certified, grown by farmers we trust. Our all-natural recipes are crafted with care in our own USA kitchen to provide the highest levels of protein rich meat and quality grain-free nutrition for your pet, as if they were in the wild.

In the Stella & Chewy's kitchen, we take time to craft each freeze-dried recipe in small batches from the world's finest ingredients. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, and NEVER from China.

Key Benefits:

Each Stella & Chewy’s recipe contains limited ingredients, is minimally-processed and carefully crafted to best replicate a raw diet as nature intended.

Our dinners are 90-95% meat, organs & bone with animal proteins that have No added hormones or antibiotics. And every recipe is grain-free.

Made with cage-free chicken raised without hormones or antibiotics and 100% organic-certified fruits and vegetables.

We only use quality ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers that are recognized for their superior, human-grade quality ingredients and highest levels of food handling safety.

Small batches of Meal Mixers are proudly hand crafted with care in Stella & Chewy's own USA kitchen.

Proudly made in the USA with ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted and reputable suppliers.

This commitment assures for the best quality products and highest levels of food safety.

Scoop, Mix and Serve

  1. Fill the pre-measured scoop once for small dogs, twice for medium dogs, and even more for larger pups.

  2. Just like the name says, mix it in with your pet's usual food—it works with both wet and dry.

  3. Put the bowl down for dinnertime, and your hungry pooch will instantly take care of the rest

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<b>Stella & Chewy's</b> Meal Mixer SuperBlends Grain Free Chicken Recipe Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Topper

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